This image started as a B&W print of my friend leaning against the twin towers in Century City. I blurred and glowed her a bit in Gallery Effects, gave her some color in the overlay mode, and popped on a photo edge just like I used to do in the dark room.... but now it's a whole lot easier. She hasn't seen the shot but I think she'd like it.

I like using Painter to design great image hose-nozzles and then go from there. Did some cool custom ones and used a little KPT vortex tiling, some layer masks and that's it.

One of my most favorite things is to photograph beautiful girls either in the studio or outside... usually under diffusion... and then scanning them into the Mac and going to town. This is my buddy Tammy who I've shot a bunch. Originally this was cross processed, but I think I used curves to tweak the colors more, then used KPT gradient designer for a different background and then threw in another photo edge. Piece of cake. Cheesecake actually....

Another example of my favorite hobby... creating nozzles and going to town. Made the border using the waves filter, threw in a little drop shadow.... and voila... Space Cowboys!

Being on a live aboard boat in the Galapagos Islands, for a couple of weeks with a few other photographers, is what I call heaven. My buddy Jim Zuckerman and I were shooting some sea lions, when I turned around and saw these 2 frigates sitting perfectly on a branch, in front of the ocean. I added another sunset in Photoshop, and placed another frigate in the background. Used levels to make the birds more of a silhouette......... and I like the result!

I shot the Golden Gate bridge during the fog.... but the photo still didn't have enough pizzazz for me. In Photoshop, I used the incredible set of plugins called Nik Color Efex Pro, to totally alter the shot completely. This particular filter was Pop Art, and it does pretty wild effects. The Nik Color Efex filters are mostly photography filters that are simply amazing for your photographs. If I had to own only one set of plugins for Photoshop to help my photography, Nik Color Efex would be it!

Jim Zuckerman and I shot downtown LA at sunset from a great , unobstructed high vantage point. I selected the buildings in Photoshop, deleted the background and added some lightning. Even though the shot was shot at sunset, I made the shot look as if it was at night.

Sailing off the coast of Phuket is something I will never forget, with the clouds as beautiful as any I have ever seen and so many small little Islands popping up everywhere. I shot this photo in Phang Nya Bay, while we stopped at a little island fishing village, that was built above the water on stilts. I painted brush strokes on it in Painter and tweaked all the colors with Hue/Saturation in Photoshop to really make it jump out at you. I had it printed on canvas 4 feet by 6 feet and it's hanging on my living room wall , letting me know I should be back in that incredible country.


Discovering photography at age ten was the best thing that probably ever happened to me as a kid. And when my father built the coolest darkroom in the basement of our house when I was thirteen , I was in heaven.

Photography is still my passion in life but my darkroom has been replaced by my Macintosh computer. My G4 has 640 megs of ram, 90 gigs of hard drive space and with my Epson 1270 printer, I am printing images that are pretty close to custom photo labs. Working on the Mac with my photographs is a whole different ballgame than being in the darkroom, but I still miss staying up all night under the safelights.

I co-run the Macintosh Art and Design user Group at Apple Computer in Santa Monica, where we show the newest stuff in graphics programs and plugins for the Mac. Working on the Mac has become my darkroom, where I never get bored and have endless possibilities for my photography.

My favorite part of shooting is traveling around the world to the coolest places on the planet. Some of my favorite places to shoot have been Israel, Alaska, Fiji, Norway, Bali, Cambodia, Thailand and my favorite... the Galapagos Islands off Equador, one of the most special places on Earth.

I recently sold all my Hassleblad gear for the Contax 645 autofocus system and it's one of the best things I have ever done for my photography. I shoot digitally with the Canon D30, another great camera, which lets me use all my Canon EOS lenses.

I will be shooting pictures for the rest of my life and I love it as much now as I did when I was a little ten year old with my instamatic.

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